One app to stream radio stations and Spotify tunes
to your SONOS system and on your smartphone.

About Spotty

If you have a SONOS system and stream radio stations and Spotify tunes (with a Spotify Premium account), then this versatile app could come in handy for you!

You now probably use ① the SONOS app to control your SONOS systems while at home. On the road, you use ② one of the widely available radio apps to stream radio stations, and you use ③ the Spotify app to stream tunes.

Why bother about three different apps? Each with different ways to browse, search, and favorit your music?

...Spotty combines these three apps:
One app to stream all your music - at home and on the road.



Simply use Spotty on your smartphone or tablet to stream your music. Or stream to your Bluetooth connected speakers.

Take your music offline to enjoy it when you are out without the need for internet connectivity and without any data costs.


Use Spotty on your smartphone or tablet to stream music to any SONOS system.

Place your smartphone or tablet on your dresser or on the wall. It will automatically turn on and show what is playing. It will turn off when playback stops.


Spotty Connect

With "Spotty Connect", you can use an other smartphone or tablet to connect to your home stereo and control it remotely. Comparable with "Spotify Connect / Gramofon" from Spotify and "SONOS Connect" from SONOS...

...except that this is for free!

Download Spotty

...Spotty is available for Android smartphones and tablets.
Other devices will be targeted in the future.

Spotty is offered exclusively via Google play.



...Spotty is made by TrackThisOut. Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our services, give us suggestions, or to just say hello!